Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pass The Tissue Box Please!

Do you believe that you and I are here to serve others, by showing compassion and sharing our knowledge in times of need and in times of triumph?

What do you do when you come up against a situation that you are not sure how to handle? Do you shy away from it just because you feel uncomfortable? Do you stick your head in the sand in the hopes it will disappear? Or do you deal with it head on? Even though you may be the most scared you have ever been in your entire life?

Do you have children? I have two children. Since the day they were born I feel that there is an invisible force attaching them to me. I used to wake up seconds before they did when they were little. I often wondered if I had grown a third arm. Every time one of them got hurt, I hurt and so did my husband. This is what parents do. They try to absorb the hurt and pain for their kids. Whenever something happens to your children you in turn feel it. So when your child is diagnosed with cancer you hurt along with them, physically, mentally and spiritually. You may put on a strong demeanor but inside you are falling apart. Every parent who loves their kids may feel this way.

How can you and I mentally support parents and caregivers who have kids diagnosed with cancer? How may we defuse some of the mystery of what they and their kids may expect? After all, if the purpose of life is to serve and to show compassion, should you and I not share what we know?

No one can truly know what it is like to go through what families and children deal with when diagnosed with cancer, unless it happens to them. Hearing that your child has cancer is heart wrenching. It tears at the fabric of your soul.

There are volumes of people waiting in the wings to offer you, your family, and your child some assistance! Never believe for a minute that you have to carry the weight of this diagnosis on your shoulders, alone. There are wonderful children book authors who want to instill you and your child with a sense of hope by dispelling the fear of the unknown.

A beautifully illustrated book I found that talks about cancer for kids is Jenny Cancer Survivor by Paul M. Kramer.(1.)

There is strength and resiliency in youth. Within this book friendships are forged.

You are not alone when dealing with your child's diagnosis. May this book give you and your child some comfort. My hopes and prayers are with you.

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